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Renata Jaroscakova


Portrait and Event

I’m a freelance photographer based in Frankfurt am Main, specialized in portrait, event and branding photography.
My aim is to bring you the highest quality service based on mutual dialog, and to spark a feeling of real joy when you browse through the pictures created especially for you.
Take a look through some of my work and get inspired.

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Portaits Families Events Commercials


  • 1 – 2 persons
  • 60 minute photo session
  • 30 edited, high-resolution digital images
  • 300 €
  • additional retouching – 10 €/image



60 minute event

  • 50 edited, high-resolution digital images
  • 200 €

Events longer than 3 hours – price upon request

Families & Groups

Families & Groups

3-4 persons

  • 60-90 minute photo session
  • 50 edited, high-resolution digital images
  • 350 €

5-6 persons

  • 90-120 minute photo session
  • 60 edited, high-resolution digital images
  • 450 €

additional retouching – 10 Euro/image

Personal Branding

Personal Branding

  • 60 minute consultation before the session
  • 60 minute photo session
  • 1-2 outfits
  • 1 location
  • 20 edited, high-resolution digital images
  • 500 €
Renata takes beautiful photos.  She is so professional in her photography and her approach.  Her manner is relaxed and she immediately put me at ease during our photo session.  Her vision for the setting, background and context for the photos is inspiring and creative.  She is so personal, and yet professional, in her approach and I am so pleased with the results.
Lucy Barrett
I had been amazed by the original beauty and depth of Renata´s pictures for quite some time, when I finally asked her to take pictures of my children. I thought by then I knew, what I was getting into, but she never fails to surprise. Her professional attitude throughout our session lifted everybody´s spirit. She works very well with adults as well as children and by doing so pushes the quality of her pictures to the next level of amazing.
Veronika Ageiwa, language instructor/writer/translator
Renata is a fantastic photographer, both skill wise and in ways of how she interacts with her models. She is always open to any idea suggestions and is always open to try new things which makes the photo shoot sessions even more fun and memorable! Rather than it being a session with a photographer and model, Miss Renata’s photo shoot sessions make it feel as though the photographer and model are a team rather than people with individual roles.
Milai Ono
What a wonderful experience to be photographed as a family by Renata Jaroscakova! We went to a location in Yokohama that means a lot to us. Renata has some very creative ideas on how to make original pictures. She takes her time to make us all feel comfortable during the photo-shoot and that clearly reflects in the result. We would recommend her to anyone we know!
Aletta van der Meer and family
Renata captures the essence and beauty of the sites and subjects photographed with a talented and distinct beauty and style. Her genuine and warm spirit put our family at ease during our session. Even our teenage son said afterward, “That was a lot of fun, I really enjoyed having our pictures taken.” The end results were photos that captured not only our physical likeness, but our personalities and characters, as well. Photos we will cherish for a long time to come. Thank you Real Joy Photography!
Kristi Hay
Renata is not only professional and superbly talented, but also fun to work with and wonderful with young children. She has photographed many of our family events. The children always look natural, happy and like they’re having lots of fun. Her photos always capture the magic of the day.
Sonia Bhandari

Purchase book & prints


MY YOKOHAMA: Home Far Away From Home

Yokohama seen through the eyes of a foreigner temporarily living in Japan. The book is a collection of photographs featuring not only the famous landmarks but also places of everyday life. The first edition of this publication quickly became a popular item among the expat community in Yokohama serving as a token of time spent in the city.

  • Photographs: Renata Jaroscakova
  • Captions: Marta Mirecki, Caroline Piggott
  • Published in 2021, 2nd edition.
  • Price: ¥ 5.000, $45, €50
  • Orders via email:


We have done a photoshoot together, now you have the link to your online gallery and want to get a print or two to hang on your wall? I can arrange it for you!

  • Framed prints and larger sizes are available, please allow 14 days to produce, with price varying according to frame and size.


Besides taking pictures of people and events, I also love shooting what I see around me. I have set up a gallery of selected photos from Japan in this album. If you find a picture you fancy, send me an email and we will go from there. Prices vary according to the size of the print.


in touch

Renata Jaroscakova

Connecting with people is my passion and photography is the way that I capture that connection. As a mother of two boys, I find it easy to bond with children, teenagers and young adults. A big part of my work has been shooting families of all shapes and varieties, as well as taking photos of high school seniors who are about the graduate.

For me, the experience during the session is just as important as the final product. Therefore, I create a comfortable environment where everyone can relax and be themselves. My goal is to make the photoshoot memorable for both sides.

In addition to portrait photography, I also have extensive experience in photographing various large-scale as well as small events. In particular, I enjoy capturing the raw experience of live theater and concerts. In my event photography, I strive to not only show the event itself but also interactions between people and little details that complement the overall atmosphere.

Most of my work so far has been with the international community in the Tokyo-Yokohama area where I lived between the years 2014 and 2022. Since September 2023, I am based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, but I’m happy to travel to meet you in any destination in Germany or Czech Republic for a travel fee.

If my work interests and intrigues you, then please get in touch so that we can talk more about your needs, prices, locations and availability.